Pita Bread

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How Is Pita Bread Made?

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Ever wondered how pita bread is made? Ancient baking
methods shown here use a stone or brick oven, and that's 
fine if you're only baking a few pitas at a time.
So how does The Middle East Baking Company
keep up with the demands of all the stores it supplies,
manufacturing THOUSANDS of pitas every day? Let's
take a tour of our bakery in Atlanta Georgia and see!

Baking Pita Bread in Syria

Here's How It's Done:
This machine cuts and forms the dough into the shape of a ball that drops into 'cups' where it proofs (rests and rises).
Next  we use a 'sheeter'. The dough enters as a ball then is flattened into an 8", 6" or 4" pita bread circle.
This is the second and final proofer. The dough travels from the top tier all the way to the bottom tier where it enters the oven for baking.
The baked pita bread leaves the oven by this conveyor. Here the bread cools down before it is packaged.
This is an automatic packing machine. Here the bread is packaged, tied, boxed or trayed for immediate fresh delivery.
And finally, the pita bread is sold fresh in our store every day, as well as cheese, olives, grain, beans, spices, pastries and much, much more!

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